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jesus fucking christ i cant handle this lil shit anymore someone stab me in the throat my god my precious jesus wow shoot me pls jesus fucking christ help me ive fallen and i cant get up Bokuaka


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-- "The Light Of The Training Camp" by Suncelia / Haikyuu / hq / karasuno / fukurodani / datteko / nekoma / shiratorizawa / volleyball / Hinata / Kageyama

どーぞ!|『木兎さんの可愛い画像ください! 幼児化でも漫画でもなんでもいいです! 赤葦さんが...』への回答の画像3。ハイキュー!!。

Bokuto will always feel better after he does a spike! Bokuto and Akaashi ~ Haikyuu!