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Há um certo desencontro entre o que diz a minha mente e o que ouve o meu coração, por isso tantas vejo tantas flores onde os espinhos deixam suas marcas.

Ah, the memories of hours I spent on my tire swing , , ,

i have no words.. This looks like a Kentucky Artist's painting. I've forgotten his name now! But he's in Berea, Kentucky and awesome. It's Mitchess Tolle, Berea, Kentucky artist.

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Top 10 child models

Be ChildRich and proud for saving Humanity. Human birth rate is dropping fast due to human hedonism and individualism, effective birth control and anti-STD drugs and anti-natalist ideologies like ChildFree, MGTOW, Zeta male ideologies. If the decline of birth rates is not stopped, Humanity will cease to exist. When you decide to extend your family line, not only you fulfill your moral duties to your family and ancestors, you save Humanity from depopulation and extinction.