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F-14 Tomcat

A marvelous "Iron Works" aircraft, the Grumman Super Tomcat (Grim Reapers) was replaced by the multirole aircraft. In my opinion, the Tomcat is a superior interceptor, but the is a more all around versatile.

F-14A Tomcat over Iraq during Southern Watch - F-14 (luchador) - Wikipedia F-14A, que se barrió ala en los 68 °

An Tomcat', by Grumman, that took off from the USS Nimitz during 'Operation Southern Watch' over Iraq, with its wings fully swept'

The F-14 had a lot of moving parts in the landing pattern — flaps, slats, speed brake, spoilers, rudders, and horizontal stabilizers — which earned the airplane the nickname “Turkey” because of how it looked to be flapping when the pilot was actively moving the controls. (Also note the LANTIRN pod — the gear that made the Tomcat a smart bomber — mounted on the right weapons station.)

17 photos that show why the F-14 Tomcat is one of the greatest fighter jets of all time

The had a lot of moving parts in the landing pattern — flaps, slats, speed…

A formation of three U.S. Air Force aggressor Northrop F-5E Tiger II aircraft of the 527th TFTS, RAF Alconbury, U.K., on 15 January 1983.

A formation of three U. Air Force aggressor Northrop Tiger II aircraft of the TFTS, RAF Alconbury, U., on 15 January

F-14 Tomcat and A-4 Skyhawk commencing a dogfight.

The 'Cat' toys with the Skyhawk. Too bad she can't have it for supper.

VF-101 Grumman F-14B Tomcat 163226

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Grumman F-14D Tomcat aircraft picture

formation take-off for the airpower demo - Photo taken at Virginia Beach - Oceana NAS / Apollo Soucek Field (NTU / KNTU) in Virginia, USA on September