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Corpse Party, I like the art...I really dislike Naomi.

Corpse Party

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Satoshi: How do you play this game?  Yuka: I'm scared, Onii-chan.  Seiko: NAOMI!!  Naomi: Seiko, what the hell are you doing?  Ayumi: This game is so weird.  Yoshiki: *casually stares at Ayumi* Mayu: THIS IS FUN!!!  Morishige: *taking pictures of Mayu* Ms. Yui: Ahhh...my students are idiots.

Aw this makes me sad and happy sad becausce this will never happen happy becausce I can see them all together again

I seriously love Corpse Party. The one thing I don't like is Ayumi. Yoshiki gets hit in the head with a hammer and runs to save her and she still says so many rude things to him. He is just trying to protect her

corpse party , photo group at the end of corpse party: book of shadows (the deaths)

Kizami Yuuya : Corpse Party A hot killer (≧ω≦) But im gonna run anyway ┬──┬ ︵(╯。□。)╯

black hair blood blood on face bloody clothes corpse party crazy crazy eyes crazy smile jacket over shoulder kizami yuuya knife male focus open mouth school uniform smile - Image View -

I LOVE U YUKA U ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!<< Yeah, okay, Yuka's death was one of my favorites....

Mochida Yuka, aka the innocent little child who doesn't deserve any of that hell.

Naho Saenoki (Corpse party)

Corpse Party, Saenoki Naho the charm was used to kill saenoki not to bond

kisaragi-academy-full-1121698.jpg (665×468)

The whole group is here, and they're all alive! c: # corpse party

Corpse Party... ah, the memories of this delightfully-screwed up game.

Corpse Partywtf is wrong with her chin tho XD << hahahahaa WTF XD