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10 Unusual Decorative Packing Tapes - Message packing tape, just black out what you don't want seen!

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Vintage masking tape - what a great idea for crafts, maybe for bookmaking?

Bandage Tape

Modern and Creative Packing Tape Designs

tape on wooden spools

Mel Stampz: Crafty tape ideas round-up! {washi or other tape varieties - How to: make them, use them, and store them}

kalender tape - can't find where I can buy this, but I want to!

Calendar Tape — Brought to you by paper tube saws, slitter knives, and some really clever industrial designer!


Kraft Bag’s Classy Cousin: A Dozen Glassine DIYs to Do Right Now


in the spirit of our previous article 'poor jewelry', comes this line of accessories and jewels which come on roles of packing tape.

“https://sumally.com/p/736138?object_id=ref%3AkwHOABFjVoGhcM4ACzuK%3Ahz1P” https://sumally.com/p/736138?object_id=ref%3AkwHOABFjVoGhcM4ACzuK%3Ahz1P

The Luchador Mexican Wrestler Bottle Opener is a mini wrestler that will open your bottle of beer using a headlock. The wrestler is made of stainless steel, has a rubber coating, measures 6 inches lon.

Ruler Decorative Packing Tapes

Ruler Decorative Packing Tapes