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Today in the Hiddles history. May 23, 2012: "To all the Loki lovers out there: your messages of support & delight have been AMAZING. Here's a pic to say "thank you" (https://twitter.com/twhiddleston/status/205113889715789824 )


Tom Hiddleston rocking a Loki "I do what I want! So much awesome. I WANT THIS<<<<< the shirt or him? I want both!

Everyone, Let me introduce you to Master Tom Hiddleston, hold the appause...OK long enough,  resume.

Tom Hiddleston has a hawk...

Tom Hiddleston - I'm actually not a fan of this photoshoot. I don't like the outfits, nor do I like the way they have him lit, etc. But the hawk cracks me up. "Hello, I'm Tom. I have a hawk on my arm. Your argument is invalid.

sarah hiddleston | tumblr_mxnakxUdo21rz0ey2o3_500.gif

*gif* I love how his pupils dilated, and I'm not just pinning this because its Tom. Eyes have always fascinated me, and his are gorgeous, but I just love to see them open and all the motion in just one action.<<yas he has vvv beautiful eyes

{Gif} "Your Mine" Sweet baby Jesus!!

Can you get through this post without needing a moment. I can't. I need a moment. I'm such a crazy fan girl *drool*

Tom Hiddleston

When Kermit dressed up as Loki at the Premiere in Rome. One of the greatest moments of my life.