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According to Locke, the State of Nature, the natural condition of mankind, is a state of perfect and complete liberty to conduct one’s life ...

Henrique e Juliano - Como É Que A Gente Fica - DVD Novas Histórias - Ao ...

Saintly light spoken of is 'life force' frequency created by life's amalgamation; movement + time + fusion=frequency [life.] The original meanings of symbols do not mean god or translate into god for upon the creation of frequency which is [life] there was and is no such thing. Translations of male and female also take form in similar but opposite elements of magnetic charge attracting creating new elements and structure to balance and keep balance...

Bringing awareness to the importance of healthy hydration is essential to the health of our nation~ Taking the steps necessary to provide us all with clean, safe ( fluoride free) and “palatable” water, right from our tap is Crucial.. Read more:

11 Cartoonists From All Around The World Illustrate How They Feel About Trump Becoming President

This is how I feel with hearing about the violence and tears and tantrums going on. We don't always get our way

George soros is a sick sick sick man and wants power , money and to control the world.

Rice bucket Workout for Climbers!!! I did this in wrestling and its crazy intense, helped my climbing more than wrestling