Ideias criativas para reaproveitar jeans usado ou velho tanto na decoração como em peças artesanais

Coisas para fazer com jeans velho

Garden apron & tool caddy (sewing project using old jeans) ~ this would also be useful at a craft / art show.

LADIES HALF APRON Recycled and Re-Purposed Denim by NestInTheAttic

Half Apron Recycled and RePurposed Denim

Arte e Bom Gosto

Upcycled Denim Jean Half Aprons via

Esta ideia é simplesmente genial! Ela mostra-nos como transformar algo fora de moda ou que já não usaremos mais, em algo que nos poderá dar imenso jeito no dia-a-dia!

DIY No sew Garden Appron from old Jeans. And super easy to make, it just takes scissors en 3 minutes.


Old Pair of Jeans + Fabric = Cute Little Garden Apron

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Modelos de Bolsas Jeans

How to Make a Denim Purse Denim jeans have a lot of character and style, even if they’re worn out or outgrown. You can transform that style into a unique purse. All you need is an old pair that you can cut up. Steps Obtain an old pair of jeans …

How To Deconstruct Blue Jeans - best method for turning them into reusable parts with no waste by Del46

Why waste? You can turn your forgotten, out-of-style, or unwearable jeans into a ready to use crafter's dream! Use these steps to efficiently deconstruct a pair of jeans into all reusable parts.

Miss Flibbertigibbet.. OMI gosh love this.. think I should just make it a skirt!

Flea Market Apron: I Love Aprons (Copycat Magazine Challenge) - Miss Flibbertigibbet

DIY RECYCLED APRON...using old jeans! This is such a cute it!

Here's a cute idea for making a denim apron! Recycle your own old jeans or find some at a thrift store to create an attractive apron.


I feel bad that I haven’t really been able to share great things with you. Mostly it is because, I have no time to spare.


Redneck girl aprons from Old jeans. This is pretty cute!

Done and done! The rest of the pair of jeans going into the bottom of my new raised bed. No waist/waste! Ha.

Recycle Jeans Into a Garden Apron

How to Recycle Jeans into a Garden Apron - Videos - Chowhound

reciclar vaqueros para hacer un delantal

by the seat of my pants - Betz White

Dishfunctional Designs: Jeans &

Dishfunctional Designs: Jeans &

Hääräämössä on käsitöitä, kierrätystä, valokuvausta & kuvankäsittelyä + opetusmateriaalia ja kuvallisia käsityöohjeita.

An apron from old jeans. Looks a bit weird maybe, but super practical with pockets in place too. Perfect for gardening or cleaning apron for sure.

Diary of a Crafty Lady: Jean Apron - Colorful, Easy, Fun and Functional!

old jeans recycled into an apron Diary of a Crafty Lady: Jean Apron - Colorful, Easy, Fun and Functional!