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San Marco Ecclesiola Incense Burner , Venice

Museum and Art Gallery Exhibitions & Events incense burner (or reliquary or tabernacle) in the shape of a small 5 domes church in silver and gold / century CE) of unknown origin, perhaps from Constantinople or the ME - Treasury of San Marco in Venice.

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The frescoes in Schönbrunn palace's two Rococo galleries were painted in the mid-eighteenth century, when additional wings were added to accommodate the thousand servants and Hapsburg hangers-on.

SENDAI Pageant of Starlight, Miyagi, Japan

Photo of 仙台光のページェント Sendai Pageant of Starlight 2009


Belonging to the noble family that shares its name, the Liechtenstein City Palace is a case study in over-the-top Baroque architecture, Rococo Revival interiors, and mirrored staterooms.

Boldt Castle, 1,000 Islands, NY. Been there,seen it,love it up there!!!

Fascinating Abandoned Mansions from Around the World Boldt Castle, Heart Island, NY George Boldt bought the island, shaped it into a heart and built a castle on it for his wife, his wife died in 1904 and he abandoned the project completely.

Salon of Emperor Napoleon III - the Louvre, Paris, France 2013

Salon of Emperor Napoleon III - the Louvre, Paris, France 2013


The recently opened Spirito- Martini night club in Brussels has been designed in a monumental Anglican church. The dynamic themed setting features a tone where modern glamour meets gothic extravaganza.