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Pandora Hearts

Sharon Rainsworth, Alice, Oz Vessalius, Xerxes Break, and Gilbert Nightray~Pandora Hearts

"I will end where I began." ||| Xerxes Break, Sharon Rainswort, and Reim Lunettes || Pandora Hearts Retrace 32 "Snow Dome" (?) vs Retrace 92 "A Story" [Mirror scenes like this just kill me...]

" Pandora Hearts - Break, Sharon, and Reim (the last pinner had the quote and I thought it was so fitting that it should stay with the image.

Pandora Hearts, Gilbert Nightray a.k.a. "Raven", Oz Vessalius, and Alice Baskerville.

Pandora Hearts, Gilbert Nightray a. "Raven", Oz Vessalius, and Alice Baskerville. My favorite manga of all time (although the anime was terrible)

Gilbert,Oz e Break_Pandora hearts

“ Gilbert ~ Oz ~ Break ” drawn by MochiJun for the Pandora Hearts event held in Ikebukuro last weekend.