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"I sit in my towel and wait until the last possible minute to get ready" -Doug

I know this sweater makes me look fat!

OMG I have officially found a pic of a pug that is actually cuter than mine. Of course, all pugs lovers think that ours are the cutest :-)

No truer words have been spoken!! #pug

A pug is like a bundle of love gift-wrapped in fur- So true when I think of my two passed pugs

.....red hats.....juicy arms.....meaty legggggs......I gnome I will be in so much trouble

This pug looks like he's stressed and is contemplating life- pugs are the superior dog breed, they are the closest to humans, your point will forever be invalid.

I know somebody who would ❤️ this photo.

I know somebody who would ❤️ this photo.

17731773:  Brothers.

Okay You bark and run toward the sliding glass door - and I'll grab the cupcake on the counter