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I love how his little tounge is poking out!!

Another pug photo bombing a baby picture. This is great timing and one of the best pug pictures we've ever seen!

This Pug rules her house!

Not gonna lie--- I'm a little jelly of this epic pug collection.

Don't forget to dress up the best little man! Love it! This is what I would have liked to do with my Eli!

when i do get married i will def have my pug in our wedding. hercules will be the best man haha Don't forget to dress up the best little man!

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Awww...pugs are soo adorb when they sleep

What Do You Need To Be Happier?

This sleeping girl and pug picture is the cutest thing you'll see today. Do you see how serene and peaceful their sleep is?

Humphrey the Pug

Humphrey the pug - the comic strip about the loveable little pug

Bah Humpug: The Many Faces of Pug 2

I had 4 pugs before. However I lost them in the river while camping. Fun pic though!