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Austin Metro 310

For many years, the small and medium-sized Austin and Morris vans produced by BMC were almost as familar a sight on British roads as the cars on which they

1982 Metro interior minimalism at it's best

1982 Metro interior minimalism at it's best

80 S, Scooters, Mopeds

Door to Door Transport This is how we Roll. #LGMSports Ship it with http://LGMSports.com Austin Montego

April 1984 Austin Rover launched its new Montego, the Montego was in the same category as the Cavalier and Sierra but wasn’t a great car overall compared to these two.

1993 rover metro quest 1.1l red

Featured Cars - Rover - Metro - 1993 Rover Metro Quest Red (ref

Austin Maestro 1983-1994 605,410 built, with 1012 remaining in the UK, for a total of 0.1672% left.

Here& the top 20 you& been waiting for. We& compiled a list of the most endangered British family cars - and have done so by comparing the number of cars originally made with those left on the roads today.

Fifth Car I owned in New Zealand, actually inherited it from my father, never will own another Austin, it was a dog.

I had one of these, they were quite comfortable and drove reasonable well, but hey didn't have a good reputation for reliability. I believe that was because this was an early attempt at computerised engine management which went wrong a lot