#BigHero6 #repost

Me and my one of my guy friend do this and to signal if something's wrong we don't reply to our gesture of fist-bumping baymax style XD

Tadashi and Hiro. #DarkpathAU #runescratch

Hiro Hamada's Dark Path: Hiro is finally reunited with his long lost brother, Tadashi

Big Hero 6: How would you rate your pain? by behindinfinity.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt - Hiro, Tadashi, and Baymax from "Big Hero 6"; uploaded by the first. This is Part 1 of 2; also, just to be clear, Baymax is also played by a cosplayer here.

Part 1 of a photo sequence we did based on the scene where Hiro first meets Baymax! To answer a commonly-asked question: Baymax is a cosplayer, not a plushie or standee. It's a specially-mad.

My poor heart... (he was so precious) #BigHero6 #Tadashi #Hiro <- Please don't step on the pieces of my shattered heart, you might cut yourself.

Feels. Big Hero 6 Feels.