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Epic Dragon by Carlos Eduardo Florencio

Dragon lecture Zgrabs, Maarten Verhoeven on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dragon-lecture-zgrabs

Dragon lecture Zgrabs, Maarten Verhoeven on ArtStation at…


Here is the outcome of another Zbrush training session i did over the last days. As i wanted to go with an organic character this time, the session got a bit weird and demonic. I learned some stuff about breaking up an organic character into

Alive again by Coyrin

Emerald Dragons, the highest cast of green dragon, act as the stewards of the Valhencian forests. Unfortunately, the Dolrian war effort has left them hard pressed in their defense.

Lovely...and scary

Rhaegon (pronounced Rhygone) the Ember, son of Balaeria the Black. Ridden by Prince Aerys Targaryen (son of King Rhaegar and Queen Lyanna Targaryen) in my fanon AU.