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Cat Yoga...

Involuntary Pilates-knee jerk reaction to forced/court ordered exercise without consent. Stare at the face of resistance!

suddenly a paper towel roll, Cat

What's a purrito? A purrito is a type of rare lolcat, usually seen only in funny cat pictures, but if you're lucky, you may have one right in your own home.


Original post:Milk does a Kitty good! Me: Actually, cats can't digest cows milk.

Miss Marple with Ruth ❤️

Miss Marple with Ruth ❤️

Fancy cat collar for your wedding kitty

Cat Lover Wedding Must-Haves

Click to see an amazing photo set of black and white cats that compliment each other perfectly.

14 Pictures of Yin And Yang Cats That Look Purr-fect Together

Very interesting post: TOP 58 Cats, Kittens Pictures.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Animals, Funny Cat.


Tip of the week: FIND SOMEWHERE THAT SMELLS GOOD – This may sound weird, but if there's a bad smell where you're trying to study, then you'll be focusing on a bad smell, rather thany studying.

Yes, yes you are the most special baby in the whole world.

5 signs your cats loves you, after reading this you might get surprised that your cat really loves you!

Try getting this one into the cage!

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"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man." ~ Charles Darwin Via Elsa