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This is Blue. She has water powers. She is 16. Anyone wanna adopt?

She has water powers. She is Anyone wanna adopt?

This is Meryl and she is 16. She has the powers to control the moon, water, and she also has darkness powers.

This is Calypso. She is 17 and has the power of night. She loves dark blue and is afraid of snakes. Her sister is and her birthday is August

Lavender is 16 and she has love powers and beauty powers and healing powers.

This is Aster. She is a tough straight A student who has a hard time opening up. She needs some tlc.

the old switcheroo. "WHAT DO I NOT KNOW? ARENDELLE'S IN DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP... TROUBLE BECAUSE ITS ON FIRE YOU SASSY PYRO YOU. what can i say im not even mad thats amazing."

Imagine if Elsa had fire powers, rather than ice powers. If she set off an eternal summer instead of winter. Or if her castle was a palace of fire.<--- so basically, if Anna's wish came true and Elsa had tropical powers.

This is Faya, she is 16 and has fire and  lighting powers. She is very smart but never went to school because her powers are danger/ natural disaster powers. Whenever she sings, something bad will happen around her, but she will not be effected by it. She's Gogo's sister.

(ADOPTED)This is Cassandra. She's 13 and she has sun powers. She loves Ariana Grande loves learning about astronomy. Please adopt!

This is Virginia and she has plant powers. She is 14 and loves nature. Please adopt. Adopted by @ginny pennings

This is Emma. She is 18 years old. Her birthday is July She has healing powers. (Adopted by Christine (Rp: Melody) Higgs (Rp: Frost))

This is Missy. She is 13 and has nature power. She is shy, quiet, smart, and beautiful. Adopted by @Frozenfan2200

This is Lola she has one sis called Carla Lola is 17 has water powers and loves flowers plz adopt her but adopt her sis as well!

this is Jane she's Liza's best friend please adopt together ADOPTED BY ZOË CHEETAH

Kira has sparkle powers. She's 19 and loves clothes. She owns a dress shop and…