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I agree. Louis will probably be more embarrassing than Harry...but they'll all be the sexy daddys ;)

Oh goodness, pray for Louis' children

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Am I the only one who is seeing those wedge boots on Harry?

Ahh people understand!!!! There is sooo much truth in that statement!!!!! =)

he is so hot << correction -- beautiful

haha but really did anyone ele notice there were a lot of directioner inside jokes. Maybe in just paranoid but maybe it was a set up

Haha did anyone notice that it says sassy films on the guys shirt and it is taping Louis lol

Lol :D

Lol :D

Elounor edit love this edit!! It shows how amazing these two are!!@eleanoorjcalder&@loui

Elounor edit love this edit! It shows how amazing these two are!

Today would be her birthday RIP you strong and beautiful woman

I think of it like this: of Larry is real, then Harry is a two-faced person. BECAUSE Elounor wouldn't be in existence if Eleanor hadn't come along with the friend Harry & Louis were meeting. So if Harry was the catalyst (I guess I'm using that right) in Elounor THEN he turns around and "secretly starts seeing" the person he introduced her to, then that would make Harry a two-faced, lying bastard and we all know he's too much of an angel for stuff like that so there.

I odnt think this is them tbh :/ sorry to burst your bubble :)

on the real tho

For real tho xD

I think your Speaking For The Whole Universe ! One Direction <3 Louis Tomlinson <3 SnapBacks

I think your Speaking For The Whole Universe ! One Direction Louis Tomlinson SnapBacks

That's confused me at first haha...they look exactly alike from the side

No, this couple just takes 'twinning' a little too seriously.

This girl deserves an award x

I'm pretty sure he said that to a parent.but I could be wrong



never understood why he would wear that in the middle of the desert tho

Anne Hathaway holding a knife and laughing Jason Momoa& gorgeous tattoo. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters hair style Elizabeth James and Nick Parker Funny celebrity memes: Michael Cera One direction.

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No y'all, this happened to me and friends the other day!!! We were walking around and we noticed one of the stores was playing 1D so we walked in had a dance party and then left!(:

That is so me every time a song comes on in either a store or restaurant