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Aquarius have the worst time coping with... | My Aquarius friend and I agree with this 100%.

Aquarius have the worst time coping with = rejection, losing people they care for and feeling alone astrology tips

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Horoscope Du Jour : Description The last three lines ring truest. It's what makes for crazy if Aquarius is your love.

Aquarius! We are such little observant monsters that we go mad

Aquarius/Aquarian is Sensitive when it comes to Love. Because of this, they required details about issues in a Relationship and will notice even the slightest in Attention >■} >■]

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"Aquarians usually get along with just about everyone. They are particularly attracted to people who make them laugh and make them feel good about themselves. A sense of humor is key, to go with my dirty funny mind lol

The zodiac signs tell you exactly who you are! So why would you assume that the zodiac, that celestial cosmic changes has no effect on you?


I didn't know this was an Aquarius thing? I thought I was just afraid of being rejected.