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"Eternity starts now" an awesome quote that Brian Hardin casually seasoned his monologue with at the end of the June 12th reading of the Daily Audio Bible.

The future—including what's left of today—is a blank canvas. What will you create? -Michael Hyatt

You are no universal random accident, you were planned long before the stars existed & you feel it deep in your soul

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"Maturity comes through submission" #quote by Owen Hylton

Tesla couldn't have said it better. He's so right. I had a dream..... Einstein came and told me that E=mc2 is incomplete....I told him I didn't understand it as it were anyway. The infinity symbol "tilted 8" goes with it as E=mc2 to infinity. Anyone knows what that is about?

Daily Audio App. Listen each day. Not my favorite English translation, but I I like concept. Should be more of these.

Stop it! No one likes mean people.

O que pensei hoje pela manhã ao acordar...

Podem ser combinados diferentes estilos de fontes, criando uma composição igual às lousas feitas com giz. (uma ótima opção de estilo também)

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