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An Old Bonsai Favorite

An Old Bonsai Favorite

Bonsai Versions of the Worlds Tallest Tree

A stunning gallery of beautiful Bonsai versions of the tallest tree species in the world, the Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens).

So wonderful…. great MOVEMENT! ctc

Ficus Bonsai

Tree planted on rock to simulate cliffside, Beautiful arrangement.the bonsai clings so strongly, yet appears precariously on the edge of the rock. I can imagine a lava cliff, where such flora grow, stunted from blowing winds.

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Bonsai tree with thick trunk and multiple roots. the species? There was no information with this pin.


This tree now needs branch development refining but, clearly has a great future with extreme trunk taper and nice nebari spread. The twisting Trunk gives the viewer a sense that the tree has struggled to survive