I love gajeel. And I love how only levy and juvia pull him back

I laughed my -butt- off during this scene! xD Lector looks so funny, and Gajeel too! And I loved how Juvia was trying to hold him back too. xD<IM DYING! Gajeel makes me laugh!

Iron body, pillow heart

Please donate to the Gajeel needs a talking cat foundation now.

Voilà se que je dirait si je verait lisanna sauf que moi je la torturai *sourir sadique*

NaLu all the way. And Mashima himself totally ships NaLu, he just loooooves to screw us over.

Sasuke(naruto), Levi(snk), Gray(fairy tail), Haru(free), Haru(tonari no kaibutsu kun)!!!!

Anime - Or I choose sebastian or I choose Levi or I choose Haru. But Sebastian would be amazing *^*

Fairy Tail quote

Onde é o "bom" no "adeus" Onde é "bom" na "boa tentativa" Onde está o "nós" na "confiar"