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Camiseta '"I miss you"'.

Strawberries in Brasil -- Vogue Russia ~ I don't speak the language (although my daughter seriously studies it, for some reason)... anyway, the theme appears to be "Strawberries Around the World" (kind of like Disneyland, with several different vignettes with examples of Fashionable Strawberries in lands such as Russia, USA, Mexico, China, etc...)

Schizophrenia Symptoms Symptoms of schizophrenia may include: Hallucinations -- hearing or seeing imaginary things Delusions -- wildly false beliefs Paranoia -- the fear others are plotting against you Some symptoms, such as lack of enjoyment in everyday life and withdrawal from social activities, may mimic depression.

How i feel sometimes

Click Continue to See Details and Read Tickled by Lillian More and more as we are saturated with spandex, body con and cut- outs it can become grey as to what is sexy and eye- catching. The visual image of what is appealing and desirable is watered down with every flick of our thumbs on the National Instagram. Honestly as a woman you get distorted at times as to what the most eye acting pieces are so surely men can have a hard time discerning what real sexiness is. So this week I wanted to…

sometimes i feel a major lack of anger management

15/ hurting me… How do you like that ;((( Well, neither do I, but somehow I manage to keep as calm and loving as somebody who never wants that to happen again! The pillow fight doesn’t quite do the trick because it lacks the deep physical contact my child needs to accept and let go of his strong emotion. I feel grateful that he still trusts me enough to express even his negative emotions, and I try to figure out which needs of his are not fulfilled.

Sometimes it may seem hard to let your self shine. Maybe the people around you are very judgmental. or maybe you just don't have the confidence or trust in yourself and who you are as an individual. Regardless of your situation, these are all weights that we don't need to be carrying. I feel, as long as you hold on to someone else's perception on you, the further back you drag yourself into a hole of indecisiveness, depression, and lack of meaning/understanding. #BreakFree

It’s not good to keep all your negative thoughts swarming around in your mind; it’s best to get rid of them quick.

La concha de vieira