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One Direction on Jeopardy. HAHAHAHAHA SHE SAID BIG TIME RUSH AND HE LOOKED SO RELIEVED WHEN HE GOT IT RIGHT! I would have gotten it in a heartbeat.

One Direction on Jeopardy! seriously the first girl "big time rush?" at least the boy could identify them. what is this world coming to!

Whut? Omw....:O

My first thought was wow they look a lot alike. Second thought how did we find this. The FBI should seriously be hiring us. And my third thought, this is a Larry Stylinson child.

Hahaha omg

my banana was missing<< hahahaha oh please yo were about to murder us

Stop asking questions and be glad we know this

oh my gosh XD>>>>yeah sure. scare one direction with our extensive knowledge of them. that'll impress them. Haha>>>he seemed so creeped out lol>>>Kids say I'm a stalker, and I guess I am.

Just Kidding!

I'm a directioner.but I do go to parties! Haha and I scream "this is my jam!" With my friends no matter where we are if we hear a song we love!


BUT IT'S SO TRUE. I do that all the time with my boyfriend! I take his crutches and hit people