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No se trata de pintar la vida, se trata de hacer viva la pintura.

Creating art from all around is a way of turning life into interesting thought provoking ideas. Great "street" art pieces and were wondering how the artist did them, here you go :)

"A dress from "Viva la Vida" Collection:  http://ptica-v.gallery.ru/watch?a=4yp-gKbp    It's a collection of handmade clothes, inspired by the great Mexican paintress Frida Kahlo and her patterns, reflecting original and very bright national Mexican culture of the 20-40th years of last century. Despite life, full of suffering and pain, Frida Kahlo had live, liberated character, she was very strong and unique woman, not ordinary person."

Items similar to Roots / Frida Kahlo "Viva la Vida" Collection / Felted Clothing / Dress on Etsy

"Once upon a time I stalked the streets on raining evenings / When the distant sea blended with the sky / Past coliseums filled with brass on pavements carved from toasted glass / I carried in my heart a word or two..."

To actually stand next to Colosseum of Rome and notice the reflection is amazing in itself. The photographer has such a talent for vivid detail. Love this pic!

"One of the most surprising Oscar omissions of a film reflecting ethnic and cultural diversity was in the animated feature film category, when 'The Book of Life' failed to receive a nomination. This gorgeous animated tale adapted from Mexican folklore is unique and imaginative, with a visual style that stands out at a time when most other computer animated movies tend toward a lot of the same visual choices. Yet the originality of the material and animation, and the fact it represents a…

'The Book Of Life' Puts Latino Culture Front And Center

Culturella “Viva La Vida” photographer Edie Diedy muse Ariana Nava Saavedra location Mexico City “VIVA LA VIDA” is a Mexican inspired collection. Our pieces from this collection is a unique reflection of the colourful, joyful and aliveness of the Mexican culture. With our strong desire to provide an alternative to the current fashion and to create a better world, everything is handmade in a non-mass …

Culturella “Viva La Vida” Bohemian, Gypsy And Hippie Fashion

Vivo, Tattoos

Bringing the Liturgy Back to the Real Vatican II, Interview with Cardinal Burke.  ZENIT: Some argue the liturgy is mostly about aesthetics, and not as important as, say, good works done in faith. What is your view of this argument that one often hears?  Cardinal Burke: It’s a Communist misconception. First of all, the liturgy is about Christ.

Three Popes of the Second Vatican Council Watch over the Young People of the World Gathered in Rio

Rosemary Reflections: Viva La Verve Sketches - April Week 1

Viva la Verve April 2015 Week 1 Card Sketch Sketch designed by Julee Tilman

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Simple ways to live mindfully - mindful living - mindfulness - spirituality.

12 Easy Mindful Living Methods

Simple ways to live mindfully - mindful living - mindfulness - spirituality - gratitude - meditation Christian Mindfulness

Landscape of Two pagoda at Doi Inthanon, chiangmai - Thailand

Spiritual/ Meditation journey through India. Top of my Bucket List:) Many Buddha statue on sunset, India (by Anek Suwannaphoom)