Aidan Turner I've never fallen for a tight bod alone...I need my man to be a free spirit with back bone no games no bullshit who is proud of who he is. ... and eyes that show it all....A man who can let his hair down and laugh at himself! Aidan Turner arrives..... and I'm too bloody old and past my pretty prime :-(

Aidan Turner I've never fallen for a tight bod alone.I need my man to be a…

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Drunk Dazed and Randy Aidan

The hunk was recently spotted enjoying a lunch with a glamorous mystery brunette as they drank white wine and smoked outside an club in west London.

Beautiful Aidan Turner ♡♡♡♡♡

Aidan Turner--one of the prettier reasons to watch Being Human (UK) (Also Poldark.


11 Incredibly Out Of Context Quotes From Our Interview With Poldark’s Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner - good man

I love curly hair

Poldark Season 2 Filming

“Just a normal day at my beachside office yesterday, and then look who joined us.