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More tartan the merrier.

Vintage plaid cap, red plaid scarf and hooded overcoat - A must this Fashion Fashion

Tayion men's suit

"Like" this Tayion men's suit? Find this Tayion suit and more at…

Darrell Couture

British style - This almost looks like a complete disguise job. The hair and beard look staged.

Beyond Fabric

open your brain tank bro, cause here comes some premium 91 octane knowledge.

Russell Westbrook Inspo Album - Album on Imgur

Russell Westbrook Inspo Album

Classic.  I assume that's a cashmere necktie and scarf.  Reminds me of this amazing Italian gentleman that owns a restaurant near our flagship shop in Salt Lake City.

Color coordination and eye for detail (down to the matching bands of yellow, with the scarf) are superb. May want to try a different kind of tie, however, just for texture variation.

Paradise for Luxury Lovers and Admirers

Mix and match