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Here Come The Brides opening theme with Vocals

Here Come the Brides - This is the first season opening. By the time the second season started, Bobby Sherman was so popular, and had several hit records, so they had him sing "Seattle".

Bobby Sherman...my first love! Remember "Here Come the Brides"??

Here Come the Brides cast (David Soul) - 16 Spec Magazine - Summer, 1969

The Love Boat.. we used to watch this show with grandma every Thursday night.

Hong Kong’s Mall in a Boat: Yes! Whampoa Boat Mall in Kowloon looks as interesting as it sounds! An actual CRUISE that takes you shopping, with dining and entertainment to boot. 300 shops plus a hotel!

The show happy days aired in mid 1970's was based on family life during the 1950's. This show was all centering around respect. Respect for family, self, girls and much more. Considering the 50's was all about respect, the show Happy Days was a perfect example through pop culture of how this value was shown.

The show Happy Days aired in mid was based on family life during the This show was all centering around respect. Respect for family, self, girls and much more.

Bobby Sherman straight from 16 Magazine...one of my heart throbs

Bobby Sherman straight from 16 Magazine.one of my heart throbs

Bobby Sherman *sigh*  I just knew he was singing this to me....

Teen idol, Bobby Sherman, star of "Shindig" and "Here Come The Brides", was a sensation back in the late early Like his contemporaries eg David Cas.

Bobby Sherman - Ed Sullivan

Bobby Sherman - Ed Sullivan

Childhood memories...I'm not ashamed to say I watched the show. It was true children's programming. Enjoy...

Monkees TV Intro Theme Song Boy does this take me back. Gotta love those Monkees!

Bobby Sherman such a hottie

Bobby Sherman and Here Come the Brides - and he could sing - my friend, Pat and I went a concert and screamed all the way through it (like all the other girls there).

"Flipper" TV Show - Theme Song

Where dolphins got their fame and my car got his name! "Flipper" TV Show - Theme Song

▶ BOBBY SHERMAN - "Easy Come, Easy Go" (1970) - YouTube

Bobby Sherman - Love's What You're Getting For Christmas My best friend adored this guy in the early seventies. I was to in love with Donny Osmond to notice.

Bobby Sherman, singer, actor (Here Come the Brides).  Later he became an EMT!

Bobby Sherman (remember posters of him and David Cassidy all over my walls). Had such a crush on Bobby Sherman!

Hawaii 5-0 Intro

Hawaii Five - Original Intro ( 1968 - 1980 ) Created By : Leonard Freeman Jack Lord - James Macarthur