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What can you do with a 45 sqm apartment? Bet you're thinking not much, but you can think again. If you give it to a company like INT2 Architecture you c

Excrescent Utopia by Milo Ayden De Luca. Parasitic dwellings for homeless people would cling to the sides of lamp posts in this concept by British architecture graduate Milo Ayden De Luca.

lee griggs forms facial deformations with geometrically-shaped skin

Porsche Pavilion at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany

Louise Despont’s delicate geometric configurations drawn onto vintage ledger papers reveal a personal mytho-hermetic dictionary of esoteric cosmologies and knowledge systems. The drawings are composed of multiple lines, circles, triangles and hexagons that combine to build architectural constellations, hieroglyphic matrices and crystalline maps of occult correspondences.

(via Sophie Woodrow Archive)

Masks worn by doctors during the plague. The beaks contained scented substances.

Sibella Court

Moai Brains

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