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Why does he do this to me

Dear Marvel Wardrobe Department, If we could maybe lose the bulky jackets and just have Bucky wear tight black t-shirts in the next movie, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, The Fandom

Look! Look at his adorableness! It's almost as adorable as Chris...

Gosh I wish I could just squeeze you you're so darn adorable Sebby ❤️❤️


That Adam's apple movement. Never thought something like that could be attractive

This man's eyes.

sebastiansource: “ ‘Captain America The Winter Soldier’ Press Conference held at The Beverly Hilton, 2014 ”

"Sorry I wasn't listening out of my good ear did you just say twice?" James tauntingly asked her, knowing he would piss her off. He even moved his hair behind his ear obnoxiously to emphasise his ignorance.

My Sebastian Stan & Bucky Barnes feels have been acting up really bad this week.