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I only read half of Blood Bank but It's really good. Shell (c) Blood Bank Art (c) Me Shell Overlord

Blood Bank - MANHWA - Lector - TuMangaOnline

Blood Bank - 27.00 por Bitania Fansub

Read Capítulo 27 from the story Blood Bank by Nina_Sempai (✨Panda✨) with reads.

A world where vampire govern humans!Welcome to Blood Bank, it's filled with fresh blood. One is a hard-working banker and isn't affected by vampire pheromones. One day, Shell, the son of an overlord comes to visit for inspection. During One's report, Shell keeps staring at One. And later... follows him to the toilet!Original Webtoonhttp://www.lezhin.com/ko/comic/blood_bank

Read Blood Bank manga chapters for free.You could read the latest and hottest Blood Bank manga in MangaHere.

Blood Bank - MANHWA - Lector - TuMangaOnline

Blood Bank - 3.00 por Bitania Fansub

Blood Bank - MANHWA - Lector - TuMangaOnline

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72d3b2097521b9f71d0f2cfffd57c3b6.jpg (736×674)

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I love lord shell he is so cute blood bank is the mangas name soo fricking cuteeeee