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Scorpion pose has always been the one yoga pose I've admired the most... I remember seeing photos of women on Instagram or on those squares of inspirational quotes or on the cover of magazines killing it at this pose and thinking they were simultaneously goddesses and freaks of nature in the best most positive way. I remember having so much respect for them and thinking to myself that I could never do that that my body just doesn't work or bend that way... I still have a lot to work on but…

@seekthetruth you are so great to have on Instagram. How relevant this is to me right now... Oh damn by essenaoneill

Thanks so much @loveandsplendor for inviting us to be apart of your #loveandsplendorworkshops! Such a fun few days up here at @ggrandv and dinner last night in front of the barn was Big thanks to @fieldtotableevents for an amazing dinner (still dreaming of that beet salad!!) and @negrantis for a yummy ice cream treat Thanks also to @foundrentals @wilderfloralco @casadeperrin @latavolalinen @braedonflynn --- couples looking to have their wedding at a barn this is a pretty magical venue by…

Kathryn Budig's “Big Daddy” Goddess Pose-Visvamitrasana Hyrbid Pose

Ever wonder what Goddess and Visvamitrasana's offspring would look like? Warm up, dig in, and have fun with this heat-building hybrid pose.

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Stunning #weddingportrait in #iceland captured by our #GWSweddingartist @charisrowland by greenweddingshoes

27 Mind-Blowing Inversions From Rockstar Yogis

27 Mind-Blowing Inversions From Rockstar Yogis #YogaInspiration

today's bundle of love #bridalbouquet #peoniesareback ! #limitedtimeonly by bloombabes

But first... by artifactuprising

We shot the most epic hippie/rock 'n roll festival/camping wedding in the middle of nowhere in Yosemite last weekend with a crew of ridiculously talented folks and a stunning group of guests. Not to mention the bride and groom... I mean look! Excellent visuals set-up music grooves food flowers vibes etc... Photos coming soon. And thank you to everyone involved. Regram: @daughtersofsimone @powwowdesignstudio @undercanvas_events @shelterco @pardiniscatering @eventprowest @basmentfox…