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Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Business Intelligence: Mapping Competitive Intelligence, Spatial Analysis, Predictive Analysis

inAtlas is an online application that automatically generates real-time business intelligence, market intelligence, competitive intelligence and predictive analyses.

Forecasting with the Baum-Welch Algorithm and Hidden Markov Models - Data Science Central

Predictive Analytics with IBM SPSS - Ironside - Business Analytics.

How Companies Use Predictive Analytics.  In the ecommerce world, predictive analytics can be effective for product recommendations, but there are many more applications. This week’s infographic looks at how Netflix and Pandora recommend content, and OK Cupid and Twitter match people.

How Companies Are Targeting Customers and Predicting Behaviors With Analytics [Infographic] Big companies know big data, and they're dominating in their use of it.

#PredictiveAnalysis can be complemented by Optimization

Most popular data science keywords on DSC - Data Science Central

Business Intelligence: The Rise of Embedded Analytics Market #infographic

From Nike+ and Fitbit to nuclear plants and corporate databases, embedded analytics are everywhere (infographic)

Business Intelligence: The Rise of Embedded Analytics Market #infographic

How to Fuel Sales with Social Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fueling-Your-Sales-Engine-with-Social-Content. The team at OfferPop give you a great guide here to the fuel needed to create and convert social content into sales.

Global IoT Enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017  -2022  Analysis of Key ERP Vendors and their IoT Initiatives

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has come a long way since the concept was first introduced a few years ago. Today, thanks to systems like SAP and Oracle Cloud ERP, it is easy for small businesses.

68% of organizations who use predictive analytics have realized a competitive advantage

predictive-analytics-infographic by SAP Analytics via Slideshare

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The next generation of business leaders will use data very differently. Data is no longer just used to generate reports and guide decision making in financial management and supply chain management. Now the emphasis is to drive predictive strategies, and to guide activities in selling, marketing and operations. Ad-hoc spreadsheets are giving way to sophisticated solutions using machine learning and Big Data. The reliance on analytics is fundamental to the 21st century organization.

What is a data scientist?

Career of the Future: Data Scientist (infographic)

Business Intelligence in Vancouver…

Benefits of a Business Intelligence and Analytics Strategy

strategy At Risk – Business Value by Analytical Complexity

Big Data - From Descriptive to Prescriptive - Marketing Intelligence Professionals (MIProfs)

8 levels of analytics

Eight Levels of Analytics for Competitive Advantage

Retailer Competitive pricing and analysis tool #competitiveAnalysis #marketing http://upstreamcommerce.com/

Upstream Commerce's solutions help retailers grow sales & margin using competitive intelligence, pricing optimization & predictive analytics.

The Future of Business Intelligence: Infographic

The future of business intelligence: data visualization (infographic)