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Was a beautiful place at one time/tenant Steven.Tyler 1825 once was known…

abandoned in Virginia

Abandoned in Virginia

the village....is that something red I see over there????@Lynn Jackman

Where are theses houses?



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abandoned , virginia

Just some quick photos from my adventures in West Virginia the other day.

Abandoned and leaning, a tired empty home slowly falling to the ground.

Abandoned and leaning, a tired empty home slowly falling to the ground. The house looks lonely and the nature surrounding it makes it look even more cold and dead.

Archived: Baron Hill Mansion, Beaumaris - Jan 2011

Baron Hill Mansion - possibly the gardener's lodge?

the autumn leaves lead in a synchronized dance

Old Farm House. I'd love to explore this old house. Haven't come across a new abandoned house in a while.

Abandoned Diner

A cool abandoned cafe. When I win the lotto, I will open an old fashioned diner! Second pillar I'll join you love these places I still have some around in my town

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Fall in sad Victorian house land.

Lonely and isolated on Salisbury Plain, the Wiltshire hamlet of Imber has stood frozen in time since World War II, an abandoned ghost village eerily devoid of life, now used for urban warfare training by the British Army.

Old run down mansion

love these eerie mansions

Moscow, IN by will139 on Flickr.

Moscow, IN by will139 on Flickr.

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What's on the other side of in Detroit.

Norwood, Georgia outside of Warrington. -Would love to restore these plantation homes and live in one of them - and I'm not even a Southerner. So historic - this is a crime!

Google-kuvahaun tulos kohteessa http://www.3dartistonline.com/users/2380/thm1024/vid21.jpg

Unknown Forests (THIS will one day be my study room)