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Sort of relatable... ae

Soooo what youre saying is.im a teenage mutant ninja turtle? Turtle in a half shell. Sorry lame joke XD

I admit to having a strong sense of intuition but I don't recall manipulating people or having strong emotions.

Haha definitely so. This is a shared trait with Virgo and Pisces. For Cancer it's alarming emotionally charged what-ifs. For Virgo it's all about logical analysis and trying to do the best they can in any given situation.

Remember and cherish the little things. yes :)

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Cancer Zodiac Sign will remember & cherish all the little things you do to make them smile :)

I’m awkward I guess

Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! Definitely true - I feel that the things I want to say contradicts with the way I want to treat others because I dont want to hurt anyones feelings

cancer zodiac.

Just some cancer zodiac stuff I've found along the way. I am not an expert and have not done a lot of research especially on relationships though I want to.