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Zweed Furniture: Swedish furniture company Zweed was founded earlier this year by Håkan Johansson who said that the brand’s focus was "To produce pieces of quality.

Aura S8 by Ángel Martí y Enrique Delamo | TREKU | Domé

Aura S8

Tall cylindrical metal legs make the Treku Aura sideboard both practical and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for enhancing your entrance hall.

cajoneras y escritorios de la firma WEST ELM

Take this uber cool patchwork wood stain dresser from WestElm as inspiration for a thriftsore find update. If the wood the dresser is made of is not that stainable there are wood veneers you can buy and glue on to the dresser face!

Vitrinen: die schönsten Stücke |

This is like the more modern version of what I grew up seeing in Japanese kitchens: sliding door china cabinet. I like the wood, black, glass combo. Nice that it has "open" (behind glass) shelving AND drawers.

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The team at Sigmar did an amazing job with the cool London loft. Smart stylish and all kinds of cool here's a look around the impressive property.

SML / SISTEMA MODULAR LENGA by "yes, oui si", a furniture modular system

Lenga Modular System is a minimal design created by Jerusalém, Israel, designed by Yes, oui si. The design is inspired by a grid system in w.

Smart table

REK expandable coffee table - this is cool and would be a major space saver in my living room! yet lots of table when needed!