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Z Wallpaper Blonde Fairy And Little Creature - 1440 x 900 - Fantasy Fairy Dragon Gnome Knights Princesses Awesome - photo image free beautiful

11060262_960144104048948_7878566550575951360_n.jpg (679×960)

11060262_960144104048948_7878566550575951360_n.jpg (679×960)

Sage Archetype. #NewRules

She bent to drink water and white magic sprang from the water. life of the water is what she was seeing.

"Her skin, smooth, glistened in the light of that tree of souls, her whispers lost within the whispers of those countless before her, trapped forever within the walls of that cave."

Tree glowing a bright shade of blue. Appears to be inside a cave. Possibly have the entire map inside a cave.


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M y t h i c a l : A love of dragons * Dragon Girl by *nell-fallcard*

I just need her to have different hair

A scarred blue haired elf holds a baby dragon who was Born in Blue Flame. Digital art by RomanticFae.

Hades and Perspephone <3  Spring and winter  Greek mythology

Hades and Persephone by *sandara. Persephone has always been my favourite goddess and their story is my favorite in greek mythology

Fairy in Sapphire Art Print  Sitting on a Golden by sarambutcher, $16.00

Fairy Reading Book on Golden Mushroom © Sara Burrier (Artist. Des Moines, Iowa, USA) aka SaraMBUTCHER via etsy . Promote the Arts. Give credit where due. Pin from the Primary Source.


I notice that the artists frequently are not given credit for their beautiful wo. - Buddy The Elf

Mushroom Fairy by Celia Anne Harris ~ Polymer clay

Mushroom Fairy by Celia Anne Harris ~ Polymer clay--she's beautiful!