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[Wedding Exits] Honestly, I would love the paper lantern idea. I'd feel like Rapunzel and it would be amazing.

Floating Lantern Festival Thailand During the month of November, there is a festival in Northern Thailand called the Thai lantern festival. Its name, Yi Peng, translates into Floating Lights Festival,.


red ladybug on a white dandelion, Touch of Color/Photography this is an amazing board with beautiful hints of…


Amazing body art, this is probably a new bride in India. I find inspiration from the traditions of a variety of cultures in this world in any age.

and-other-stories: A story inspired by nature, featuring vibrant earth tones and sumptuous textures.

ganges river | Tumblr

Uttar Pradesh, India Garlands of flowers and floating candles are often seen on the river Ganges. They are given as offerings to Ganga, who is revered as a living goddess- Varanasi.

Only in India

Some of these Indian umbrellas, inspired by the 'Spirit-of-the-Holi-Colors,' with very colorful design-patterns may just be unique to India.

Hennaed hands, diaphanous veil, richly embellished sari, tons of bangles, exquisite jewelry - everything we'd expect from a Rajasthani woman.

78 Traditional Costumes from around the World ...

Mwila Women With cotton print Togas, Chibia Area, Angola

Mwila or Mwela people are a cluster of semi-nomadic ethnic group living in southern Angola, in the area of Huila. Mwila people actually be.