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Jackson Pollock photographed by Tony Vaccaro

Jackson Pollock photographed by Tony Vaccaro

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Convergence Print by Jackson Polluck. Depictions of tangled scrap pieces of yarn come to mind. Would be a good way to hide a top secret message in the scribbly lines.

Spread from the Pollock article in Life Magazine

The Discovery of An American Icon: Extract from 'Jackson Pollock' by Evelyn Toynton

"Jackson Pollock: Is He the Greatest Living Painter in the United States" LIFE Magazine, August 1949

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Martha Holmes—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images - Jackson Pollock works in his Long Island studio, 1949

Pollock painting (4 of 5 photographs)

ACTION PAINTING Jackson Pollock Gelatin silver print, 1950 National Portrait Gallery Smithsonian Institution Gift of the Estate of Hans Namuth Image copyright Estate of Hans Namuth

Up Close and Personal with a Jackson Pollock.

With Cookie home from school all last week, we played the “lets be tourists in our own city” game. Basically, pretend you don’t live somewhere and go to every museum…

JACKSON POLLOK by Rudolph Burckhardt "The Springs", Long Island, N.Y. 1850

Rudy Burckhardt Jackson Pollock At Work in His Studio, The Springs, Long Island, New York 1950



Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock with his painting Untitled Number 1954 Copyright (c) 2013 Archives of American Art

Jackson  Pollock - Enchanted Forest, 1947 -  Oil on canvas, 221.3 x 114.6 cm /  In Enchanted Forest Pollock opens up the more dense construction of layered color found in works such as Alchemy by allowing large areas of white to breathe amidst the network of moving, expanding line. He also reduces his palette to a restrained selection of gold, black, red, and white.

Jackson Pollock Enchanted Forest, Oil on canvas, x cm. Peggy Guggenheim Collection – Siqueiros was a major influence on Jackson Pollock. I chose to add it to this board because it shows another example of expressive paint application.

Frida Kahlo - sitting next to Pablo Picasso’s... - all about art

Frida Kahlo sitting next to Pablo Picasso’s “Acrobat” serigraph, photographed by Manuel Álvarez Bravo at the Modern Art Society. - Frida Kahlo sitting next to Pablo.