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Scania Chimera Semi Truck Powered By A With Six Turbos

Cheap, Fun, and Fast: You’re Going to Want a Cyclekart - Petrolicious

Cheap, Fun, and Fast: You’re Going to Want a Cyclekart

Petrolicious is a leading automotive lifestyle brand providing world class short films and tasteful editorial around the world’s finest classic vehicles.

Give it a fresh look with the Lil Pete conversion kit, which turns your beloved pickup truck into a miniature 18-wheeler Peterbilt cab. Description from coolthings.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Lil Big Rig Conversion Kit Turns Your Pickup Truck Into a Mini Semi Truck


I love my big trucks but, this one would have to pull the shortest trailer in history! Must be Cali rig cuz wheel base too long for midwest.

KW love

Here is a custom photo I did at the Big Rig Weekend Truck Show in Chilliwack, B. last week.

Oh i like it                  big old truck

Seen at the 2012 Stars & Stripes Show, Tatton Park, Cheshire. This one has a diesel engine.

YASA-750H  700V  150kW   750Nm  25kgs - Electric motor

The YASA 750 is an ultra-compact e-motor or traction motor offering high power and torque capability in a small and lightweight package.

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Swincar Spider Car. Super innovative off road vehicle

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DKW Schnellaster

DKW Schnellaster 3=6 - Aller Laster Anfang