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Andre Kohn is a figure painter whose style is described as figurative impressionist.

Andre Kohn Fishing with Dad

Fishing With Dad - Andre Kohn I would love love to paint an old family photo in this impressionist style. Maybe when I'm feeling courageous!

Bringing the little trouble brother home ANDRE KOHN

Impressionist artwork by Andre Kohn and other internationally recognized artists. Figurative oil paintings, drawings, sculpture and oversized paintings.

Under The Rain by Andre Kohn

Andre Kohn [Image: Painting of a woman in a red dress and black heels carrying a white umbrella and walking down a rainy street. The other figures in the background are painted in browns and greys to.


Mary Martin A Gallery of Fine Art - Andre Kohn at Mary Martin Gallery - Charleston

Andre Kohn 1972 | Russian-born Figurative Impressionist painter | White umbrellas

Andre Kohn, 1972

Andre Kohn, Russian painter, was born in Stalingrad in but was raised in the southernmost region of the Former Soviet Union near the Caspian Sea. He spent the first 12 years of his life surrounded by nature before moving with his family to Moscow in

Dancing in the Rain Giclee 16" x 12"  Image used for the cover of Andre Kohns Book, The Endless World of a Moment....available through our website  http://www.andrekohnfineart.com/

This painting by Andre Kohn reminds me of my own carefree, childhood days. Kohn is a figurative artist originally hailing from Russia. He primarily paints with oils but from time-to-time, will switch to mixed media paintings.