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This is Haworthia turgida. Haworthia prefer bright INDIRECT light, early morning sun or filtered light. Direct sun, especially in summer, will burn or even kill them. They like well-draining soil like most succulents. I use 1/3 gravel to 2/3 soil. They are summer-dormant winter-growers so water lightly in summer allow them to rest. While dormant, they shed their old roots and grow new fresh ones!

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Sempervivum 'Cascade'

Sempervivum 'Oddity'

Tons de inverno

KALANCHOE luciae - 'Pancake' or 'Paddle' Plant. Its succulent leaves turn red in the sun outside. It makes a nice houseplant in the winter.

Haworthia cymbiformis 'variegata' [Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae] is a leaf-succulent.

Crassula argentea cv. 'Gollum' is considered to be a monstrose form of the popular jade plant (Crassula argentea). The leaves, unlike the flattened leaves of regular Jade, form odd tubular, lime green "fingers". The tip of the leaf is flared, but depressed in the center and often a brilliant, translucent red. White star shaped flowers in winter.