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i can remember some of the trees creating root steps in the woods where i…

A hide away that's been given away by a worn path.I did a hike with Vincent in CA in the Red Woods (a park near San Fran) with similar trail

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Spanish moss growing on an oak tree, Savannah, Georgia. I want my home to have oak trees with Spanish moss and willow trees.

Moonlit path

bluepueblo: “ Moonlit Path, The Enchanted Wood photo via vic ”

#Damp Pathway

depth of mist wood - HW Wang AND Idea of how The Mists might look in the underworld of the planet Octa

Fascinating Trees around the World !!!! (10 Pics) - Part 2 | #top10

The burning tree, by Garrit Pieper Reminds me of a place in Malad, Idaho


Wet, Nordic Woods ~ under the rain, looking for beavers tracks. akmichele woods of trees

bluepueblo:The Dark Hedges, Antrim, Northern Ireland  photo via carol

Dark Hedges in Ballypatrick Forest, Northern Ireland. Look at those trees. If it wasn't for the warm colors it would be a very scary view, at least on a dark night.

Woodside, California https://www.stopsleepgo.com/Offers/49080?location=California%2C%20USA=-114.131211=42.0095169=-124.4096196=32.5342321=2=20

Passage secret Wunderlich County Park, near Woodside, California, USA Redwood Eye. Through that door is an entrance to the Land of Faerie

Dombrovskis, Peter, 1945-1996. Myrtle tree in rainforest at Mount Anne, southwest Tasmania, 1984 [picture]

ah, yes, my fave tree of all time :-) in QLD we call them *Antarctic Beech Trees* (Nothofagus Cunninghamii I think) this photo taken by Peter Dombrovskis "Myrtle Tree in Rainforest at Mount Anne" Southwest Tasmania 1984

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Dreamy emerald woods or forest path leads you to a beautiful pool of water. I wonder if it's very pure, maybe even spring fed.

Wistman's Wood in the ancient high-level woodlands of Dartmoor in Devon, southwest England

Wistmans Wood in the ancient high-level woodlands of Dartmoor in Devon, south west England, is one of three remote copses of stunted oaks.The name probably derives from Wisht-man’s wood, the vernacular word wisht meaning pixie-led or haunted