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Murmurations by Alain Delorme | iGNANT.de

Murmurations by Alain Delorme

A Ballet Performed by Birds: Starling Murmurations Captured by Photographer Alain Delorme

A Murmuration of Drones, writing by Chris Arkenberg  "It still is but somewhere amidst the algorithmic tinkering the behavior emerged. The microdrones began to flock & swarm, mutually aware and clocked to such high frequencies that even the most sudden moves, the most aggressive pitch and yaw, were stretched out into a slow steadiness that yielded impossibly complex and graceful murmurations."

European (or Common) Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) - one of the great invasive pests in NA

Website of the french photographer Alain Delorme

Thousands of starlings start their murmuration, with Criffel mountain in the background, as dusk falls near Gretna Green on the England and Scotland border

Ten photos capture the UK in 2014

Owen Humphreys' Starlings in the Scottish Borders BBC News - Ten photos capture the UK in 2014

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Shape-shifting starlings provide dazzling aerial displays - Yahoo News UK

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Starlings Thousands of Starlings coming into roost at Gretna, Dumfries & Galloway. This is known as a ' Starling murmuration' as the birds give an awesome display before sunset!

Kuşların gökyüzündeki büyüleyici dansı. Fascinating dance of birds in the sky. http://fotogaleri.ntvmsnbc.com/kuslarin-gokyuzundeki-buyuleyici-dansi.html?position=0

“living clouds” created by thousands of starlings flying together has acquired a term “murmuration.

Clever Photos Turn Trash Bags Into Beautiful Swarms of Birds | Murmurations - Ephemeral Plastic Sculptures

Clever Photos Turn Trash Bags Into Beautiful Swarms of Birds

alain delorme captures the balletic murmurations of wild birds - designboom…

Andrew Hinson Not photo shopped, this are Ankole or Watusi. They have horns up to 8' and give birth to small calves "30-50 lbs" so they where brought to the north america to bread to first time heifers. Like the Long Horn they can live on poor forage and little water so they can thrive just about anywhere.

Dinka tribe by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher Dinka Boy with Long Horned Bull, South Sudan Dinka Man Imitating Horns, South Sudan Dinka Boy with Namesake Ox, South Sudan Dinka Child Climbing Among.


La murmuration plastique d'Alain Delorme

French photographer Alain Delorme captures the dazzling patterns and energy concentrated in the collective intelligence of bird flocks .

A Murmuration of Starlings

More autumnal than Winter but there's nothing like this phenomenon. A murmuration os Starlings Home - BBC News

WOW! Starlings

murmuration, A flock of migrating starlings over a field near Netivot, Israel, on January (David Buimovitch/AFP/Getty Images)

Ben Rubin - “Subway Doodle” - 2016 - iPad - Rubin develops illustrations that interact with New York City subway riders. Some of these illustrations create a dramatic statement about our current contemporary culture and digital technology.