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haha cute and funny at the same time :)

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dog - your canines tend to be alright I really like

10 Cute Puppies, Oh those adorable Puppies! | Most Beautiful

10 Cute Puppies, Oh those adorable Puppies!

Say hello to Penelope!

Say hello to Penelope!

Look at those sweet puppy eyes.

I will never understand WHY puppies pass out in their food bowls, but it is always so darn cute!

kellyghost: inspector-pervert: quecaigaelsistema: milkywaywhite: Dogs falling asleep in their food The best photoset I have ever seen a direct window into my soul IM SCHLEEP


chihuahua // I know everyone hates these noisy, territorial little doggie rodents, but after being around my sister Novembrino Novembrino Sills dog, I want one someday!

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Golden Retrievers | Golden retriever dog

Need help on training your Golden Retriever dog or puppy? Here you can discover the most effective methods for your Golden Retriever Obedience Training.

Baby Golden and the momma!  by opal

Baby Golden and the momma! by opal


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The cutest chow chow puppy ever =)