These remind me of the hot pots in Yellowstone Sara Kirschen - pierced bowls

Sara Kirschen - pierced bowls, very cool. They are different sizes but pierced…

Bianca come il latte e resistente come il diamante, la ceramica d’autore è firmata dalla designer Nathalie Dérouet che in Francia realizza le sue collezioni fra modernità e echi cinesi.

I merletti di Nathalie Dérouet

That'll be a good clay class project for the younger set. Squeeze clay through garlic press and press into a mold (wood bowl, flower pot, etc).

I have chosen an eggshell because my character is very fragile. It represents our exteriors.

Japanese ceramic

Tatara Zukuri by Yosinori Yamamoto. Hand formed from a local Kyoto clay body, and finished with a vibrant blue glaze distinctive to the Kyoto region

Lisa Wilson, Diffusion Study No. 1, Silver bowl, silver hollow form

Alaaddin's Magic Lamp — notes-to-future: Lisa Wilson, Diffusion Study.

rhoda henning

Pottery Classes, Sculpture, Group, and Painting on pottery classes - Rhoda Henning's Pottery Studio Mais

Hideko Honma expõe cerâmicas utilitárias no Japão | Arnaldo Lorençato - Como, logo existo

Hideko Honma expõe cerâmicas utilitárias no Japão

Hideko Honma expõe cerâmicas utilitárias no Japão | Arnaldo Lorençato - Como, logo existo

Keramik Teelichthalter von

Keramik Teelichthalter von

This simple project generates a lot of interest and creativity for beginning students, while teaching the technical aspects of decorating clay in the plastic and leather-hard states. Working on the small medallions was considerably less intimidating than a large project, and students later incorporated various decoration methods into their pottery.


Impressing, Addition, and Subtraction using clay mandalas/medallions ceramic clay- textures. Good article and step-by-step instructions on making texture in clay by high school teacher Leon Roloff