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playing guitar on the beach:)

I want to play the guitar but not a regular one. I want to learn electric guitar. ( ^ω^ ) my mom said she will get me a guitar for Christmas! I'm so happy! My friend is going to teach me how to play it

I'm blessed to have him as the love of my life also!! <3

I can't say I really have ONE guy best friend.I have a whole bunch of guy friends. And I have two girl best friends. And a WHOLE BUNCHA guy friends.

I technically just want it to learn after reading some books and most of all seeing the hunger games!   CHECK! ✔️

Gotham Archery: Channeling Katniss in Gowanus

In love with the sound...

Learn to play the piano. I am moved by classical music and have such a heart for it. It would be my dream to learn to play the piano and learn to play it very good.

bestfriends | Tumblr

I have me bestest friend and my best friend. When my best friend says something, probably random, my bestest friend and I laugh about who knows what-inside joke. My best friend gets frustrated and loved us anyway 😂😄😙


Pretty much my life right now, especially since the dog I want is a Corgi.

Just girly things #15th birthday parties

My parents bought a fire pit last year and we had several bonfires in the fall. I remember that we always had hot cocoa and smores by the fire.

My dad was so mad that I went to Amsterdam and didn't go... but I had less than a day there. Next time!

I was in Amsterdam but didn't get to do this.I'll go back and ride a gondola on the canals, visit Anne franks house and other things I didn't get to do :)