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Salvar o clima implica desistir de um terço do petróleo e 80% do carvão

Salvar o clima implica desistir de um terço do petróleo e 80% do carvão - PÚBLICO


Getting Personal With Your Health Insurance Exchange Questions

The final countdown: It's time to figure out how insurance through the health exchanges will work for you.


Why Ending Malaria May Be More About Backhoes Than Bed Nets

The federal government drove out malaria from the American South in the early part of the 20th century. And the lessons learned from that successful campaign could help control the disease in developing countries, says Daniel Sledge, a political scientist at the University of Texas, Arlington.

de Agriculture and Climate Change

The Story of Agriculture and Climate Change: The Road We’ve Traveled (Infographic)

Agriculture has been around for centuries - it is ingrained in our human roots. As a result of that, we are beginning to see environmental issues increase, including climate change. Meat production especially releases green house gases in to the atmosphere and clear the trees that manage the gases for more space, pushing up the natural temperature of the earth.


This is flooding across the US/Mexico border in abundance—but it’s legal and helps both countries

Amid all the talk about border security and NAFTA renegotiation, natural gas is the one element that both the U.S. and Mexico can agree on.

To all us DIYers, the Bees say thanks! This is a real threat everyone. Bees are dying out. Whole colonies have disappeared all over the world. Please use chemicals responsibly. Natural is better for our environment.


Deadly Amoeba Found For First Time In Municipal Water Supply

Deadly Amoeba Found For First Time In Municipal Water Supply. A 4-year-old child who died of a rare brain infection in early August has led Louisiana health officials to discover that the cause is lurking in the water pipes of St. Bernard Parish, southeast of New Orleans.

The Evrona Nature Reserve has been flooded with oil and more than 80 people have been hospitalized from exposure to toxic fumes after approximately 600,000 gallons of crude oil spilled from a pipeline in southern Israel.

União Europeia lidera consumo de bens ligados à destruição ilegal das florestas tropicais - PÚBLICO