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Greatest Prank In History

A family member's girlfriend had surgery, he stood above her as she was waking up and said this. So cruel, yet so funny!

I feel off laughing..but why is this so funny

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore. when you swim in a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a moray

Thank you Alexandria Wallace for being a prime example of why everyone hates Americans.

Well Do They

The "Ching chong language? The CHING CHONG language? What is a "Ching chong" language?

Too awesome! :)

Funny pictures about Singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh, and cool pics about Singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Also, Singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Im dieing

Cursing in ice cream flavors. Moutou What the mint chocolate chip just became my new thing.

the only thing that could make this cooler is if it had a Phineas and Ferb reference - Oh look. There it is

Funny pictures about Your mission. Oh, and cool pics about Your mission. Also, Your mission.

Stressed corals. I laughed way too hard at this...

Stressed corals…

Funny pictures about Stressed corals. Oh, and cool pics about Stressed corals. Also, Stressed corals.

Cereal water and sea pancake made this totally worth reading.still dying from sea pancake actually. And I will definitely be saying cereal water now

the dads of tumblr

Hahahahaha these all sound like my dad. Except the Japanese man part lol

This is just too funny because I keep thinking about this happening in my church and I would pee my pants

I'm a Christian and I still think this is hilarious. <--- I too am a Christian, and I would actually do the same thing.<---- I'm a Christian (not Catholic) and although I wouldn't do it myself, I still think it's hilarious.

I can't stop laughing!!!

I need to move on from call me maybe.>>> I made a song courus: Hey I just threw a grape in the a-air It hit a spider and now I'm scared and all the other times I was okay but now there's a spider on my face!


"My only talent is breathing." "I said this to my mom and she just said 'you have asthma, moron'.

Well that escalated quickly.


Well that escalated quickly. << not bad though. Should work I think