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Era isso!!! Muito parecido mesmo!

sempre sonhei fazer isto em casa!

Foto: Jvdas Berra Modelo: Valentina Lobeira para a comercialização de laranja MUA: Rodrigo Estrello Cabelo: Dan Rojas Styling: Kristabela Garza Assistentes: Alvaro González, Alain Noguez, Francisco Barri, Ross Rodríguez, Nishme Fraige

Everything you can imagine is real. - Pablo Picasso

They push me down into the water, I want to scream help, I can't swim. I realize that I'm no longer in water, I'm over a city if the stars, I'm- falling, (rp anyone? No powers but magic and portals-no you can't make portals)

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"To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wildflower..."///Not only the picture but also the quote

FACT: If You're NOT Sparkling On New Year's Eve, You're NOT Really Celebrating

"A cup of hopes and dreams." How cute with the reflection of lights lookin like it's coming from the mug!

Álbum: Bangerz - Miley Cyrus

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